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Non-interest rate mortgages; Many SMS, mobile, fast –loan companies offer interest-free loans to new customers.

There are many players who want to lend money and by coming up with a generous offer they want to attract new customers.

Of course, borrowing without interest or fee is as favorable as it can be and if you need to fill in your wallet to cover an unexpected expense or for a spontaneous purchase, it is good to use the various offers.

Borrow without interest

Borrow without interest

  • Borrow without interest
  • Interest-free loans – 30 days
  • Interest-free
  • Loans with zero interest
  • Interest-free credit cards

Above, we have listed most of the lenders you can turn to to get a small loan without interest. There is nothing to prevent you from trying several of them if you need to borrow a larger amount of money. However, you have to be very careful to pay on time.

If you miss the payment, you can be turned off and lose the opportunity to take a small loan when you may need it.

Interest-free loans – 30 days

Interest-free loans - 30 days

The competition is fierce. There are many who want to lend money and everyone needs the new customers. It is an excellent situation for all consumers who need a cash supplement.

By becoming a new customer with one of the above lenders, you can borrow money without interest or fees for up to 30 days. A sms loan without interest is the cheapest and smartest way to get money to quickly fill in the wallet without having to ask relatives and friends for help.

It is important that you pay back the loan in time or the fees for the loan can quickly become high. The idea of ​​a loan with a free interest rate was that it would not be expensive. If you slip over with the payment, it will be added fees and the cheap loan can then suddenly become very expensive.



The charges for a mobile loan can be several. Some companies charge a fee to send an application code via SMS – this is whether you are granted a loan or not. Then the loan can have a setup fee and a handling fee. To this comes interest on the loan.

Loans with zero interest

Loans with zero interest

The largest cost of a loan is usually taken up by the interest rate, which is the compensation the lender charges for credit. The interest rate should cover any credit losses for customers who cannot repay their loan (which is quite a number of those who take SMS loans) and give profit to the creditor.

Previously, most SMSs consisted of a fixed fee, but now the cost is usually taken as interest, which is reported to the tax authority. This is a great advantage for the borrower as the interest is deductible in the declaration (30% refundable). However, this requires an income and that tax has been paid in.

Many companies offer small loans without interest to attract new customers. It is a good way to try the service and see how it works while providing access to an interest-free loan that can be used for anything.

Zero percent interest

Zero percent interest

In order to avoid all different fees and instead borrow money interest-free, you can instead turn to one of the lenders above and apply for a loan directly on their websites – if you are a new customer you can then get money for your account without it costing you a penny extra (provided you repay on time).

An agreement on a loan means that the borrower intends to repay the loan as agreed. The lender lends money for the purpose of making money from taking out an interest.

This is the normal case, but there is actually a way to take loans without interest expense – for example, by taking advantage of the interest-free period offered in a credit card or by taking a zero interest rate loan often offered to new customers of small credit.

It is possible to get a loan without interest by utilizing 0% credit card for the allowed time to then “roll” over the unpaid amount over to another credit card with 0% interest, and so on.

Risk with interest-free period

Risk with interest-free period

The risk with this method of obtaining a loan without interest is that the loan must be “moved” to a new credit card often within 30-45 days in order not to have to pay interest.

In principle, however, it is enough with two or three credit cards because the original card can be reused as soon as the credit is repaid with another card.

Experienced users of this method and experts in the field seem to agree and recommend having a “credit” that can be used to cover credit card amounts, given that the credit rate is lower than the interest rate on the credit card.

Some of the more common methods of borrowing for free are to pay the debt to the card company before the end of the billing period. This allows you to “buy now; pay later ”even though” later ”is only a few weeks to a month away.

If you need a quick loan without interest to buy something, it is best to first see if there is any trader who offers interest-free installment. This is an excellent way to get interest-free financing.

However, it is very important not to be careless with the repayment as the interest-free loan risks being converted into a regular credit to high interest rates (which of course is the whole purpose of getting a customer on the hook by attracting interest-free).

If you refuse to pay interest to the bank, it may be worth examining all these options. Loans with low or no interest can be obtained in many places, but it will require some mapping of the opportunities that exist and some effort on the part of the borrower.

Nothing is ever real free. Time spent also has a value so what is free is often simply in relation to how we personally perceive it. A good starting point can be to obtain a credit card that offers an interest-free period.